Sunday, 1 November 2015

The week that was....

The past 10 days at HQ

2 of our Moving Paws family lost their beloved pets 1 day apart - always emotional as you know and you feel their grief, one being a MP rescue doggy, both cherished and adored by their families.  I felt their pain even though you know there is nothing you can say or do to really help their hearts, just let them know you are thinking of them.

Dogs are part of our families, they are not objects - they truly have a huge impact on your life.  I am proud to say that I am a far richer person for having animals in my life.  Even the gut wrenching feeling of loosing one of them, it simply rips you apart but I wouldn't change it for the world, I would never change loving them like I do.

I don't think I truly realised how different living in the country is to the city.  Yes, I have twice as many dogs as I did on the flat, but the extra dust, the extra traffic and the extra rodents create so much work.  It takes me all weekend to get the house in order, and then by Monday its back to normal again....its like a revolving door.  Sweeping, mopping, poo scooping, watering, dog bowls, feeding birds, horses, cats, dogs, washing, washing, washing and more washing - my poor machine!   Every hour counts on the weekend - meet and greets are always a priority and this Saturday I personally farewelled 2 of foster bubbas, Will and Grace - Mother and Son - gorgeous little munchkins, so glad we got to help them and keep them together.   Then a meet and greet with Reggie and then Jessie was farewelled too.  Moving Paws had a huge weekend re-homing 5 dogs in total - pretty impressive for a little rescue group.

I was so busy on Saturday afternoon after the MP dates, the day got away with  me, I walked into the kitchen at 9pm Saturday night to Charlie (my maltese) with both his paws on the doggy biscuit tin, barking straight at me - I realised it was way past their dinner time - what a bad Mumma!!!  Feedtime it was, then on with the chores, by the time I finished I gathered 10.30pm was too late for my own dinner, so a packet of crackers did the trick!

Sunday was more work around the house, but a joy because I have my pack all around me and we get to play and have fun even if it is chore time - we love being together, sometimes I wish they could help! I did some painting and most of the dogs have white ears, noses and tails - its hilarious that I did a remarkably good job even with the addition of fur!

My adorable Tim Tam
Beau got a new tennis ball and is in love!  He follows me everywhere with either a ball or a kong - he is such a delightful boy.  I gave my little munchkin Timmy a pamper session this afternoon, he is aging and suffering from cushings disease, every moment with that boy is a honor.  God knows his past, I don't want to know, I just want him to have everything he needs now.  He and Oliver are very special needs boys with dementia and ailing health, they have a special diet to keep their weight on, I cook up potatoes, broccoli and beans to add to their vet "recovery" food and they love sardines and biccies.  Timmy sleeps next to me in bed, anywhere else he just doesn't settle, he is so tiny now and is suffering from muscle wastage, but the way he eats and potters around  - he still has life and love to give - he's not ready to leave just yet.

This week is preparing for Paws in the Park next Sunday afternoon.  Its a great day for our team to get together, I look at it as the MP xmas show - I get to thank the MP team for their awesome work and get to meet our supporters - our supporters mean a great deal to me. I was humbled today when Moving Paws was mentioned as a "charity of choice" in a competition, a lovely lady nominated our rescue to receive a donation if she were to win the prize - I thought WOW, who would ever have thought. A small dream has become a big reality.

Wonderful "new" home updates
Yes, Moving Paws consumes a hell of a lot of my life, more than most people will ever know, more than I every knew it would, there is so many "little" things I do that most of the time I don't even know I'm doing them.  There is so much more to rescue that just saving dogs - It's a business. It's my passion - my passion is to speak for those that cannot speak for themselves.

To see and hear updates today from them new parents of the 5 dogs we re-homed yesterday is the reason we keep going - 5 dogs that had a crap start - will have an awesome ending - it doesn't get much better than that!