Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Read between the lines....

There is one question on the Moving Paws adoption application form that gets more answers than any other - most sarcastic, some nasty and some rude.

If your circumstances were to change, where and whom would the dog go with/live with?

Most answers are we have been happily married for "x" years and don't intend for anything to change.

Well, most people don't marry to get divorced, I certainly didn't, but guess what I did! and guess what we had a beloved doggy and yes we did discuss what was going to happen with our baby girl.

I wonder if Mrs. C/S/N had any idea she would pass away when she did and that her devoted husband of "x" amount of years would take her beloved dogs and cat to the vet to be euthanised because he couldn't afford their upkeep?  I BET NOT.

Mrs. F and B hadn't put plans into place and when she unfortunately departed her human sons surrendered her beautiful, much loved dogs to separate organisations after they had spent their whole lives together.  Lucky MP found out and bought them back together.

These are the scenarios as to why this question is on our application form.  People do not think anything will happen to the "perfect" lives, but it can, it might and it does.

Why wouldn't you discuss your family members and what might happen should the unexpected happen??

It's not point their to pry into your private lives, its to make people think. It's part of our duty as rescuers to make sure our doggies don't end up in the same scenario that saw them in rescue in the first place and to make sure we keep as many out of rescue as possible.

So, I guess I'm saying please read between the lines.